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Sonya Williams

Sonya Williams Ever since switching over to a more paleo diet, finding clean grass-fed protein has been a challenge. Luckily […]

Elias Lotfi

Elias Lotfi Great value and a very large selection of all meat products you can imagine

Sharona Shamouel

Sharona Shamouel got the fresh beef from here for the outdoor BBQ, the meat is really tender ! It takes […]

Matt Boyle

Matt Boyle Hard to find any decent butchers nowadays. This one is great. They have every cut you need and […]

Jon Temple

Jon Temple My favourite butcher in town. Great meat at sensible prices. I highly recommend this place

Christian westbrook

Christian westbrook Best place in town to buy your stuff their meats are good. Nice guy that runs the place […]

Alicia Jones

Alicia Jones First time there. I was impressed by the quality of the meats. The salespeople were eager to help. […]

Gerard Mitchell

Gerard Mitchell Everything was very high quality and the steaks were large, thick, and delicious

Kayla Crosby

Kayla Crosby Love these guys!!! I’ve been having trouble finding bone marrow and I’m seriously so glad I randomly called […]

Darrick Carter

Darrick Carter The steak came in fresh as can be. Threw it on the grill cooked to a medium-rare. Hands […]