Elat Meat, directed by Ms. Roya Cohen was founded by Mr.Cohen in Los Angeles, California in 1990. Since then, we have been selling and offering the highest-quality protein products, both meat and poultry, based on glatt kosher standards (conforming to the Jewish dietary regulations). We are proud to serve the Jewish community, as well as our friends from other communities and different religions.
Livestock and poultry products that are available at the Elat Meat Store have been grass-fed.
The effects of grass-fed and grain-fed methods on quality:
With the grain-fed method, livestock and poultry are kept indoors away from sunlight and fresh air and fed soy and grains on a regular basis. They are treated with growth hormones and antibiotics just a few short months before slaughter producing some of the lowest of quality of meat.
Grass-fed livestock and poultry are free fed in lush pastures from birth to slaughter producing natural, organic, and 100% mouth watering meat
Our company goal is to offer the highest-quality livestock and poultry products that support a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet and peace of mind for your family. We are proud to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction rate with our safety and service all these years.
Throughout our website, you’ll find details about our services. Cutting out middlemen, we provide our customers with unbeatable quality and the best prices on glatt kosher standard cuts of beef, veal, lamb, turkey, and chicken