Lamb is the meat of young domestic sheep. It is a type of red meat, a term used for mammalian meat that is richer in iron than chicken or fish. The meat of young sheep, in their first year, is known as lamb, while mutton is a term used for adult sheep. Rich in high-quality protein and many vitamins and minerals, lamb can be an excellent component of a healthy diet.

All of our lamb products are grass-fed, non-GMO, and free of antibiotics and hormones. The diet that lambs are fed have a major impact on the nutrient composition of their meat. Grass-fed lamb is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisines as it is known as a significant source of omega-3 fats, a nutrient associated with a reduced risk of inflammation and possibly a reduced risk of heart disease. This type of meat is an excellent source of selenium and a good source of zinc.

We offer fresh lamb from the farm that comply with kosher standards

Our lamb products include

Lamb shoulders

Lamb shanks

Lamb chops